A night out-out


It was both strange and exciting to be out-out the other week at the British Insurance Awards in Central London. After 18 months of limited physical contact, to actually physically be in close proximity to, and chat with, so many insurance people in one place, was, well, incredible. And, as if we have not said it enough already, to have also won the Broker Partner of Year award was truly the icing on the cake.

The award is not important as of or in itself, but it does recognise and underline our philosophy as a business – to be flexible and responsive to our brokers and their client’s needs, be that in the hospitality sector or the professional indemnity space.

And it was our speed of response to market need in the wake of the first UK wide lockdown – way back in March 2020 – that the BIA 2021 judges recognised.  In short, SME clients in the food, hospitality, and leisure sectors were stopped in their tracks, overnight, by the imposition of the lockdown and responded immediately with a series of proactive measures enabling our brokers to help their clients adapt their businesses in response to the unprecedented market conditions.

Our actions included the removal of unoccupied exclusions, free liability insurance add-ons, the introduction of three-month policies and extensions to renewal, quotation, and credit terms. We also analysed our broker partners books to identify which clients were at risk and ensured direct access to our team of empowered underwriters. And looking ahead we have now also designed an automatic Lockdown/Unoccupied extension and incorporated this in policy wordings as standard for all non-essential retail and hospitality customers ensuring automatic cover following any future government-driven regional or national lockdown because of any existing or future Covid or SARS variant.

We believe the speed of our response helped our brokers navigate their way through the challenges of lockdown and to demonstrate the value they bring to their clients – a belief supported by the fact that so many clients took up the options we had created.

Our response to Covid was a real team effort but it could not have been achieved without the support of our brokers, our capacity providers, our TPA service providers or our investor Innovisk. So, thank you all.

We are proud to have won the Broker Partner of the Year award, but we are not a business that will rest on our laurels. We are focused on serving our clients in all the sectors we serve, and whilst we are not out of the woods yet in terms of Covid, we will remain vigilant to other new risks. We will continue to listen to the market, keep on top of the challenges facing their clients and ensure we can respond to whatever challenges they, and we all, may face next.

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