We are an MGA that is empowering brokers to win more business quicker and easier than before.

Since our launch in 2016 we’ve been providing empowering solutions to brokers by offering comprehensive products that can be bought and sold quickly and efficiently by using leading technology. Our products are purpose-built for our policyholders and always backed by highly respected and financially secure insurers. We’re committed to providing exceptional levels of service to brokers through direct access to experienced decision-makers.

Our insurance capacity partners can rely on our expertise and unmitigated focus on delivering profitable underwriting results. We use proprietary and sophisticated analyses supported by third-party data to identify trends and produce best in class management information. Our distribution and underwriting platforms leverage the latest technologies and we expect them to continually evolve to generate value for many years to come.

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We Believe that our intelligent application of data and technology, underpinned by direct access to human expertise can deliver solutions that exceed the existing market expectations on speed, quality and ease of partnering with an MGA.
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