Defining our distribution-focused e-trading and open-market divisions 


Change is a constant, or should be, for any forward-thinking, customer-service orientated insurance business. And whilst we are proud of our award-winning broker service levels, we are not a company that will rest on our laurels. And that is why, after analysing how our brokers work with us, day in day out, we have decided to change our internal structures, invest in our teams, and ensure that our business is structured for accelerated growth.

In essence we are moving away from being split internally by product class, be it Professional Indemnity or SME Package Combined – and are instead organising ourselves around two distinct distribution-focused divisions. That is, into an e-trading division and an open-market division, making us both class and product agnostic.


Leading with a distribution focus means we can maximise the application
of our teams’ skills delivering high service levels and speed. 


This simple change also means that we not only mirror the way that brokers deal with us but opens up a host of new opportunities.  

On a practical level it means brokers that want to access e-traded product lines, can do that via a single contact; and the same applies to any open-market business. After a short transitionary period, our underwriters will be unrestricted by their existing product lines and will be able to cover all lines while specialising in the submission type. Our e-trading division will ensure we can write 1000’s of small policies quickly and efficiently, whilst our open market arm will be free to focus on what they do best – underwriting and problem solving.  

This mostly internal re-organisation is part of our ongoing mission of making life easy and straightforward for our brokers, while also meaning we are perfectly structured to increase our product offering and capabilities as we look to accelerate our growth.  

In terms of new products, our first priority will be to build a bridge between our existing offerings, for example, by providing a seamless set of e-traded insurance solutions between our SME package through to micro professional indemnity; creating a real one-stop shop for e-traded SME insurance. And looking further ahead we will be looking to add in new covers and product lines. Our systems, capability, and ambition mean the sky is now the limit in terms of future growth – so watch this space. 


Expanding our teams 


The evolution in our structure is also supported by a major investment in our people – both in ramping up our Manchester-based e-trading operation and in expanding our underwriting team, with at least seven new staff already set to join us over the next few months.

These new hires will enable us to drive forward and deliver on our focus on broker service, and of course, allow us to grow both our offering and business. There are also a few management changes to support the move, with me taking on the role of Head of e-Trade and Dan Dorrell becoming Trading and Distribution Manager.

Written by Tom Hill, Head of e-trading 

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