We are thrilled to announce an addition to the Aqueous Underwriting product portfolio: Solicitors Professional Indemnity Excess Layers. Our new product has been designed with all the hallmarks of Aqueous’ Broker focused approach to SME insurance; a fast turnaround, high-quality service levels and A+ rated capacity.  

The Solicitors Excess Layers comes with a host of advantages that set it apart. It is underwritten with the stability and security of Standard & Poor’s A+ rated capacity, provides limits of up to £5m, and has the ability to write layers attaching from £2m for partnerships and £3m for limited liability partnerships. Solicitors Excess Layers is now live and open to submissions for two or more UK partner firms with a fee income of up to £10m.
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Our experienced underwriting team has leveraged their extensive experience in Solicitors Professional Indemnity underwriting to develop this product. With market-leading commission structures and a tailored policy wording, quotations can be provided based on the primary market’s proposal form. 

“I am delighted that we have launched the Solicitors Excess Layer product, it is vital that we listen to our brokers and meet their demands. We will provide a tailored policy-wording by our service driven underwriting team. Excess Layers for Solicitors is an underserviced market, and we are pleased to bring our uniqueness to it.”
CEO, Danny French


The development of the product is a reflection of our commitment to our Broker partners and evolving our services to offer the tailored and high-quality services that they have been asking for. Designed specifically for the SME sector, our new offering like our other products is underpinned by our broker-focused proposition of easy engagement, rapid turnaround, and exceptional service. 

We’re excited about launching this offering and the new and enhanced partnerships it’ll help us forge. We’re eager to hear from professional indemnity placing brokers. If you’re interested in our new product click here to view the details and appetite information.

Top 5 Advantages of our Solicitors Excess Layers
  1. A+ rated Standard & Poor’s capacity: Offers the highest degree of financial stability and reliability. 
  2. Knowledgeable underwriters: We have an appetite to do business and provide tailored policy-wordings. 
  3. Underwriting based on primary market’s proposal form: Streamlines the insurance process, making it straightforward and efficient for brokers. 
  4. Tailored excess layer policy wording: Ensures that the policy is in sync with your specific needs and requirements. 
  5. Capability to write attaching above the minimum terms limit: Provides a flexible and customisable solution for unique client needs. 


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